How to Reference the Attachments to Business Letters

Updated April 17, 2017

When creating business letters, be sure to format your letters properly so your professionalism is reflected. This is important when you are trying to impress potential clients, employers, vendors or suppliers. In this age of digital communication and instant messages, it is refreshing to get written communication that is designed to effectively communicate business needs and requests in a professional manner. The format of business letters keeps the date and recipient information near the top of the letter. It references attachments at the bottom of the letter.

Open WordPad (or any word processor) and type the date in the upper left hand corner. Press the "Enter" key four times. Type the recipient's company name and address. Press the "Enter" key twice.

Enter the salutation. Press the "Enter" key twice. Type the body of the business letter. Be clear and concise in the letter. Use correct punctuation and proper spacing. When you done with the body of the letter, press the "Enter" key twice.

Type your complimentary close and press the "Enter" key four times.

Type your name and title. Press the "Enter" key twice. Type the reference initials. Press the "Enter" key twice. Type "Enclosure" to indicate attachments are included with the letter.

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