How to Adjust the Spax

Updated April 17, 2017

Suspension systems serve as an integral component of any automobile, but not all suspension systems are adjustable. The Spax PSX line of dampeners are fully adjustable, so that the car owner can customise the level of shock absorption on their vehicles. Whether you desire a rough or soft ride, the Spax PSX dampers can be adjusted for the perfect fit. With the right tools and technique, you can adjust the Spax in a few steps.

Set all dampers to "fully soft" by turning the adjustment nuts counter-clockwise with a torque wrench. There is a telescopic damper at the base and a strut adjuster at the top of each dampener. This setting will allow for the maximum of shock absorption or "softest" ride.

Drive the vehicle noting the softness of the ride.

Rotate the telescopic and strut adjuster nuts with a torque wrench clockwise to decrease the "softness" of the ride. Spax dampers have 28 stages of adjustment which can be adjusted for all kinds of driving styles and conditions. The setting of Spax dampers varies and can only be properly set by starting at the softest setting, driving the vehicle, and adjusting according to the desired softness of the ride.

Things You'll Need

  • Spax PSX dampeners
  • Torque wrench
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