How to set a timer switch

Updated April 17, 2017

A timer switch is a useful addition to a property as it enables the owners to program the lights to come on even when they are not there. This is particularly good if you are going on vacation and do not want it to look like you are away. The setting of a timer switch is a very easy process. By simply going through the steps in the product manuals you will be able to successfully set up your timer to turn on and turn off specific lights within your house.

Pull all the timing pins out on the dial of the timer. You may have to pull them in an upward direction or an outward direction.

Turn the dial until the cursor points to the correct time of day. The cursor will have something such as "Current Time" or "Time Now" written underneath it.

Push the pin down at the hour you wish to begin the timer. Push a second pin down at the hour you wish the timer to stop its count down. You may have push the pins down or inward, depending on the design.

Things You'll Need

  • Timer
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