How to Troubleshoot an Intercom

Written by quinten plummer | 13/05/2017
How to Troubleshoot an Intercom
Resolve problems with your intercom system. (intercom 2 image by askthegeek from

Intercom systems provide communication between two points too close to warrant a phone call but too wide to communicate without assistance. And whether your intercom is was installed long before you moved into the premises or the system is a new install, some problems associated with intercoms can occur almost at random. But instead of immediately calling in a repair technician at the first sign of trouble, you can assess the issue yourself and even correct the problem.

Check the power source of an intercom unit that fails to power on. Plug a lamp into the power source, previously occupied by the intercom, to determine it the power outlet is working. If the power source is good, but the unit still fails to power on, check the intercom for a blown fuse.

Plug all of your intercom units directly into a wall outlet, to remedy connection problems between the units. If the connection issue isn't resolved by switching all of your units to a direct power connection, one of your units may need to be replaced or sent in to repair.

Determine which unit is a fault. Space out your intercom units around one room, while plugging them all into a single power strip or surge protector. Test your units to see which ones fail to connect to the others. If you can find no fault with the units, return them to their original rooms but with less distance between them this time.

Resolve distortion, whistling, dim LED indicator lights and weak or loud audio by rechecking the wiring of your intercom units. Follow your wiring. Check it for corrosion, crossed wires and exposed wire filaments. Replace any damaged wires.

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