How to Become a Murder Detective

Updated February 21, 2017

Detectives who investigate murder are called homicide detectives. They investigate a crime scene, learn about the victims and the perpetrator, then have to present evidence in court. To be a homicide detective, you must have the correct education and experience. Training with firearms is essential for succeeding as a homicide detective, as is some knowledge of the law and the ability to properly restrain and question criminals.

Attend college. If you aspire to become a homicide detective, you should have at least a two-year degree in criminal justice. Working to get a four-year degree in criminal justice with a minor in abnormal psychology would be ideal. You should also consider taking courses in forensic science.

Train with firearms. You can take lessons and practice at a range. Having basic firearms training on your record will improve your chances of getting a police position.

Take self-defence classes. Know how to restrain a person and defend yourself and others. This will help you stay in shape.

Apply for a job with the police department of your choice. You will have to complete their training academy before you can start working.

Begin as an officer. Work hard and file reports clearly and in a timely manner. You'll become eligible for promotions as your career progresses. Discuss your homicide detective aspirations with your boss so that she is aware what position you want when promotions become available.

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