How to Use a POS Touchscreen Cash Register

Updated February 21, 2017

Point-of-sale, or POS, touchscreen cash registers can be found in restaurants and in various retail environments. This type of register evolved from the standard keyboard cash register, and while it may be difficult for some users to get accustomed to, it can help streamline the process of closing out a customer's bill. The actual process of operating a POS touchscreen cash register can vary based on the register's manufacturer.

Turn on the register. Enter your employee identification number, if applicable.

Review the layout of the register. Become familiar with the various forms of tender that can be taken, as well as how to perform advanced checkout procedures, such as splitting a check into multiple checks or paying part of the bill with cash and the other part with a credit or debit card.

Find the menu item list, for restaurant POS systems. Familiarise yourself with where specific items are and how to alter a requested menu item. POS touchscreen cash registers typically separate menu items by type, such as sandwiches, salads, soups, entrées, side items and beer/liquor. Upon clicking a particular item, you will then be able to make adjustments to what was removed or added to the item.

Perform a sample checkout. Scan an item if you are in a retail store, or create a food order if you are in a restaurant.

Print a receipt and double check to ensure you performed all the actions correctly.


Review the operating manual for the specific system you have. Not every system is the same. Press firmly onto the area of the screen you wish to select, much like you would on a touchscreen cell phone.


Do not check out customers until you are familiar with how to operate the touchscreen register, as you may make a mistake that could cause an inaccuracy in daily accounting logs.

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