How to Use Citrix Client on a Mac - Copy & Paste Does Not Work

Updated May 30, 2018

Many using the Citrix Client for Mac have experienced clipboard issues, including errors when copying and pasting graphics between sessions, as well as copying and pasting text between sessions on different servers. These were resolved with the release of the Citrix Online Plug-in for Macintosh 11.1. If you are experiencing errors when trying to copy and paste using the Citrix Client for Mac, ensure you have the latest Mac Client, and ensure client clipboard mapping has not been disabled on the server.

Download the latest release of the Macintosh OS X client from

Activate the downloaded "dmg" file to mount it to the "Disk Image" file in the "Finder" window.

Drag the newly created "Citrix ICA Client" folder to the "Applications" folder in "Finder."

Double-click the "Citrix ICA Client" folder from the "Applications" folder.

Double-click the "Citrix ICA Client Editor."

Read and accept the license agreement that appears.

Exit the ICA Client Editor.

Activate the "ICA Client" application and test the copy and paste functions.

If installing the latest Citrix client for Mac has not resolved the issue, log in to the Citrix server.

Start the "Citrix Connection Configuration" utility.

Click on the "Client Settings" tab.

Look for the "Client Mapping Overrides" section on the right of the screen and if the "Disable Client Clipboard Mapping" setting has been checked, uncheck this box.

Exit the Citrix Client on the Mac, reopen it and test the copy and paste functions.


When using the Citrix web interface, issues are sometimes caused by the web browser itself. Switching to another web browser can usually resolve copy and paste issues.


Changes to any networking software configurations, including the Citrix Server and the Citrix Client, should only be performed by authorised system administrators.

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