Braun Ear Thermometer Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Braun Ear Thermometer gives a digital reading of a person's temperature through the ear rather than using the traditional method of through the mouth. This thermometer is designed so it cannot fit too far into the ear canal, causing damage to the eardrum. Though it has been designed with safety precautions in mind, this device must be used properly in order to ensure the accurate reading of a body temperature.

Attach a new lens filter to the tip of the thermometer each time it is used. An accurate reading cannot be measured without this attachment.

Press the "on" button or "mem" button. The button has a circle within a circle on it. The LCD screen will come alive showing that the thermometer is activated.

Tug the ear to allow yourself to see the inside of the ear canal. For a child, tug the tip of the ear straight back. If you are taking the temperature of an adult, stretch the ear upward. If you are taking your own temperature, wrap your arm around your head and tug your hear from behind. Gently hold onto the fold of your outer ear and pull in whatever direction required.

Place the probe of the thermometer into the ear canal as far as it will let you while still pulling on the ear. When the thermometer is in place, press down on the activation button, keeping your finger in place until the thermometer makes a beeping noise. This beeping noise indicates that the temperature has been measured.

Take the thermometer from the ear canal. The LCD screen will display the final temperature.

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