How to Find an NDC Number

Updated February 21, 2017

An NDC number, or National Drug Code, is a specific code given to drugs manufactured for human consumption. According to The Drug Listing Act of 1972, all companies that manufacture any type of drug must provide a list of ingredients to the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA then gives the drug an NDC for reporting and identification. Anyone with Internet access can find an NDC number in minutes.

Visit and click the link for "Drugs." This link is located on the navigation bar at the top of the page. When that page loads scan the page for the "Drug Approvals and Databases" link. Click this link. A list of FDA databases for medications will load.

Search the list and click on "National Drug Code Directory." The list is sorted in alphabetical order for easy access. The code directory is a free service of the FDA and can be used for information on prescription, insulin products or over-the-counter medication that was once a prescription drug.

Click on the way you would like to search the database. The database can be searched by propriety name (drug name), active ingredients, firm name (company that makes the drug) or application number. The application number is only for drug companies that have products being reviewed by the FDA for approval.

Input the information in the box provided and then click "Submit Query." For example, if you were searching for the drug, Daytrana, you would type the name into the box. A list of all the dosages and delivery options is displayed. If a drug is available in different dosages, each dosage has its own number. Choose the specific drug you are looking for. An abbreviated NDC number is displayed beside the name as well as the application number, strength and firm name.

Click the abbreviated NDC number. On the next page the a table shows the complete NDC number, trade name, strength, package size, package type, dosage form and whether it is prescription or over-the- counter. The table is printer friendly, so information can easily be saved or printed for future reference.

Select the "Return to National Drug Code Directory Home Page" link, to find another NDC number.


If the medication is not in the database, either the medication is not or has never been a prescription drug or insulin product, the product is not on the market anymore, the drug is currently being tested, or the firm did not fully comply with listing obligations.

Things You'll Need

  • Name, active integrants, firm name or application number for the drug
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