How to Use Stickles Glitter Glue

Updated April 13, 2018

Glitter glue is a combination of glitter and glue in one container. It allows a crafter to apply the glitz of glitter in one step, eliminating the messy job of shaking excess glitter from a project and putting it back into a container. Stickles brand glitter glue is acid-free, making it suitable for use with scrapbooks and other archival-quality projects. Stickles glitter glue is an ideal product for children's art projects because it is non-toxic and washes off with water. It comes in a wide variety of colours.

Shake the product before each use.

Hold the bottle tip-down and squeeze with gentle, steady pressure so the product comes out of the fine-point nozzle in a consistent speed you can control.

Apply the glitter glue directly to the item you wish to embellish. Use Stickles on paper, wood, metal or any item that will not be washed or exposed to moisture.

Squeeze a small amount of glitter glue into a paint dish and apply a thin layer of the product with a paint brush when you need an overall glittered effect.


Practice squeezing the glitter glue on a piece of scrap paper to familiarise yourself with the flow and consistency of the product. Prevent clogs in the nozzle by tapping the bottle against your hand to remove any remaining glue from the tip when you are finished crafting. Always cap the bottle before storing so the product won't dry out between uses.

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