How to become ordained in order to marry people

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to become an ordained minister, you can spend years studying at a seminary. However, if the only reason you want to become ordained is to perform marriages, use an online service. You can become ordained quickly and easily, no matter what your religious denomination is. Men and women are all welcome to become ordained via online services such as the Universal Life Church and Rose Ministries.

Verify the state requirements for authorisation to perform wedding ceremonies and ask the local county clerk what kind of ordination proof they require, if any.

Submit an ordination request at one of the websites that provides ordination. Enter your valid, legal information as requested. You should get a confirmation e-mail upon receiving your request.

Order the ordination proof required by the county clerk through the website that is ordaining you. Certificates and wallet credentials are common. Rose Ministries offers an official ordination, certification of ordination imprinted with your name and title, wallet ID card imprinted with your name and title and a presentation folder to protect your credentials for £21.40, as of October 2010. Universal Life Church gives free ordinations and charges £17.5 for a comparable package of credential materials, as of October 2010.

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