How to measure wrist size for body frame measurement

Updated July 20, 2017

Knowing your body frame size will help you learn what your ideal weight should be. Everyone will fit into either the small, medium or large body frame category. To determine your body frame size you'll need to know your height and wrist measurement. There are three quick ways to get accurate wrist measurements--using a measuring tape, a piece of string or your fingers.

Measure around the smallest part of your wrist with a cloth measuring tape. Record this number.

Determine your height by standing next to a wall. Have someone mark where the top of your head is and measure the length.

Find your height and wrist measurement on a body frame chart, which will give you your body frame size (refer to the Resources section for a chart).

Wrap a piece of string around the smallest part of your wrist and determine the length of string that was needed.

Lay the string next to a ruler to get an accurate measurement.

Determine body frame size using height and wrist size determined by string length. Compare measurements with the body frame chart listed in "Resources."

Fold your fingers around the smallest part of your wrist. If your fingers overlap your thumb, you have a small body frame.

See if your fingers meet together with your thumb. If so, you have a medium body frame.

Check to see if your fingers and thumb have a space between them. If so, you have a large body frame.


Once you've determined your body frame, you can now find your ideal weight by referring to a weight chart. A weight chart based on body frame size is listed in the Resources section.

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth measuring tape
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