How to calculate swine feed for weight gain

Written by kim dieter
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How to calculate swine feed for weight gain
To increase weight gain, suckling pigs are given supplemental feed with a 22% protein content. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Hogs reach a market weight of about 109 Kilogram at 5 to 6 months of age. The newborn pigs nurse the sow for approximately 6 weeks. After weaning, the pigs gain about 90.7 Kilogram during the 3 to 4 month growing period. Pigs have a simple stomach digestive tract and consume a diet high in carbohydrates. For optimal weight gain, pigs are fed balanced diets with sufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

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    Purchase healthy, muscular, weaner pigs from meat-producing stock. Weaner pigs are 5 to 8 weeks of age and weigh 9.07 to 18.1 Kilogram. Feed weaner pigs a starter ration with 18% to 20% protein. Weaner pigs consume 1 pound of feed per day and have an average daily gain of about .4.08 Kilogram.

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    Feed a pig grower ration to feeder pigs weighing 18.1 to 56.7 Kilogram. Grower rations consist of a carbohydrate such as corn or barley and a protein supplement such as soybean meal. The protein content is 16%. Minerals and vitamins are added to the ration. Grower pigs eat an average of 1.81 to 2.27 Kilogram of grower ration per day and have an average daily gain of about 0.68 Kilogram.

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    Feed a hog finisher ration to pigs weighing 56.7 to 109 Kilogram. The ration has a 13% to 14% protein content and consists primarily of cereal grains and a protein supplement. Hogs on a finishing ration consume about 3.18 Kilogram of feed per day and gain an average of 0.816 Kilogram per day.

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    Weigh the pigs at regular intervals to determine if the pigs are gaining sufficient weight. Adjust the feed consumption upward if the gains are not as expected. Market the hogs when they reach a weight of 99.8 to 118 Kilogram.

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    Worm the pigs regularly and provide vaccinations as recommended by a local veterinarian. Parasites and diseases reduce the weight gain. Provide fresh water and a comfortable environment at all times. Many swine producers prefer a self-feeding program in which the pigs have constant access to feed.

Tips and warnings

  • Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire, and Landrace are breeds well-known for fast weight gain.

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