How to Assemble a French Coffee Press

Updated July 20, 2017

It is important to thoroughly clean your french coffee press on a regular basis. This means taking it apart, washing each piece individually and allowing it to dry. Equally important is knowing how to reassemble your french press after washing.

Broadly, a french press has two parts: the glass carafe, including its metal holder, and the plunger. The plunger can be broken down further into a lid, a rod, a stopper, a presser, a screen and a frame.

Place the glass carafe into the metal holder.

Note that on some french presses these parts may be permanently attached.

Slide the lid, the largest of the four metal discs, onto the rod.

Place the stopper, which is a small tube slightly wider than the rod itself, onto the rod. The narrow end of the stopper should face up, towards the lid, so that the tapered end of the rod holds the stopper in place. This keeps the presser from lifting up when you press down.

Slide the presser, the disc with a metal coil around the edge, followed by the screen onto the end of the rod.

Place the frame, the piece with four roughly triangular holes, onto the end of the rod and screw it on tightly.

Set the assembled plunger back into the beaker, allowing the lid to rest on the top of the beaker and the rest of the plunger to sit inside.

Things You'll Need

  • French coffee press
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