How to remove a dent from a fridge

Updated February 21, 2017

A dent in a new fridge is a real problem because it makes that new appliance look a few years older. Unfortunately there are no hard and fast ways to remove a refrigerator dent, but one method in particular will take out most dents, even small ones. It is effective on metal and stainless steel and involves no prodding, pulling or drilling. Since the fridge door is sealed around the edges, allowing no access to the back of the door panel, it's one of the few successful ways to approach the problem.

Buy a small piece of dry ice from your local supermarket, ice shop or another seller in your town that carries this item. You might even find a seafood shop willing to give you some of their dry ice.

Handle the dry ice with care as it is very cold and can damage skin on contact. Put on protective dry ice gloves before you even open the package it came in.

Remove the dry ice with your gloves on and apply it for just a second to the door dent. Allow the ice to contract the metal and then warm up to room temperature. This action will cause the dent to pop out. It is necessary to repeat this process several times in most cases before the entire dent comes out.

Continue to apply the dry ice as needed to fix the dented fridge.


Be careful when handling dry ice and always wear protective, dry ice gloves. Even though it is cold, it will burn and damage human tissue.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy-duty dry ice gloves
  • Dry ice
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