How to Swap TV Channels in Sony TV Sets

Updated April 17, 2017

Sony is a popular electronic brand for stereos, computers and televisions. It makes standard tube TVs, as well as plasma, LCD and HDTV sets. Sony televisions typically have the same operating procedure. Its remote controls are also similar, and in some cases identical. There are two ways to swap channels in Sony TV sets.

Ensure there are batteries in your remote. Battery sizes will vary depending on your model, but most Sony remotes take either AA or AAA batteries.

Press the channel up and down button. Depending on your model, this button will be marked either as "Channel" or "Ch." Press the button until you have reached the channel you are looking for.

Press the number buttons, and then "Enter" if you know the channel you want to swap to. Depending on your model, instead of "Enter," your remote may say "Select." If you are unsure what button is the "Enter" button, refer to your user manual.

Press the channel buttons on your television. These buttons are usually on the front of Sony TVs and will read "Up" and "Down" or have arrows pointing up or down.

Continue pressing the buttons until you have reached the desired channel.

Refer to your user manual if you cannot operate the channel "Up" and "Down" buttons.


If you have lost your user's manual, you can get another from Sony's website.

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