How to Germinate a Burning Bush

Updated November 21, 2016

The burning bush gets its name from its fiery red foliage. In the autumn, the burning bush's fragrant green leaves turn vibrant colours, making it look like a shrub on fire from a distance. Landscapers favour this plant because of its year-round attractiveness and low-maintenance nature. The only tricky part about growing burning bushes is germinating the seeds.

Mix about 28.4gr. of burning bush seeds with 113gr. of rich potting soil. Pour the soil and seeds into a plastic freezer bag. Spritz the soil with room temperature water from a spray bottle. The soil should be moist but not soggy.

Press most of the air out of the bag and seal it shut. Place it in the refrigerator at about 7.22 degrees Celsius for six weeks.

Remove the bag from the refrigerator and spritz the soil with water. Place the seeds in a cool, dry place in your home where the temperature ranges between 12.8 and 21.1 degrees C. Leave for six weeks. Open the bag a little so the water doesn't cause mould growth.

Spritz the soil again and place it back the refrigerator for six weeks. After this cold cycle, the seeds should show small sprouts and cracks. Plant them in deep holes in early autumn, watering until the soil is extremely moist. They should grow roots during the winter and sprout in early spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic freezer bag
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