How to Restore a Factory TiVo

Updated February 21, 2017

A TiVo personal video recorder (PVR) comes with its features adjusted to basic, default settings at the factory where it was made. These settings, once changed, can be restored should the changes that have been made cause problems in the PVR's operation. The procedure to restore the settings of the TiVo to those that were set when it left the factory are straightforward, take only a few minutes to put into effect and can be accomplished using the included remote.

Turn on the TiVo using the power button on the TiVo remote. Select "Messages," followed by "Setting" from the main menu screen regardless of whether you are using a high-definition or standard-definition TiVo.

Select "Help" from the menu screen only if using a high-definition TiVo. Select "Restart or Reset System" from the menu screen.

Select "Restart the TiVo" from the menu screen. Wait for the TiVo to reset itself to the factory settings it had when you first removed it from its packaging. Turn the TiVo off once the main screen appears with the power button on the remote.


Resetting a TiVo to the factory settings will remove any changes you have made.

Things You'll Need

  • TiVo remote
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