How do I weigh a garden gazebo?

Pop-up gazebos are popular for parties, weddings and other functions. They can be dressed with lights and see-through netting for special events. Or used simply to provide shelter from the sun, wind and rain. Either way, it's important to stake the gazebo down with guy ropes or gazebo feet weights to prevent it from overturning in the wind. Otherwise you may find your gazebo sitting upside down in your neighbour's garden or blowing into the road.

Decide if you are putting the gazebo on a hard surface or into the ground. If you are placing the gazebo on a hard surface, such as paving, buy gazebo feet weights. Alternatively, you could securely tie the guy ropes to dense concrete blocks or heavy bags of pea shingle.

Place the gazebo in a sheltered location if possible to make it less vulnerable to wind damage. If using plastic gazebo weights, fill each one with sand or water to help make the gazebo more stable.

Place the plastic gazebo weights around the gazebo legs following the instructions given with the weights. Make sure you position the gazebo on flat ground otherwise the weights could topple over and cause damage.

Find a flat surface if you want to place the gazebo in soft ground and use awning pegs to anchor the ropes into the ground. Use a rubber mallet to tap them into hard ground. In windy conditions, it may help to use gazebo feet and ratchet straps to keep your gazebo stable.

If the gazebo is likely to be up in a populated area, it may be best to use gazebo feet instead of guy ropes to prevent people from tripping over them. Alternatively, mark the ropes with brightly coloured tape to help them stand out or use fluorescent tape to make them visible in the dark.


Make sure your gazebo feet are made from metal or a weather resistant, heavy duty plastic otherwise they may rot. Ratchet straps can be purchased online and from many builders merchants and hardware shops

Things You'll Need

  • Gazebo feet weights
  • Sand or water
  • Hammer
  • Awning pegs
  • Coloured tape
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