How to Convert a Minidisc to a CD

Updated July 19, 2017

The MiniDisc, a relatively new music format that was popular for a short space of time, has suffered from a sharp commercial decline and therefore is used little nowadays. Because little, if any, music is released on MiniDisc now, the majority of MiniDisc owners have MiniDiscs on which they have recorded albums themselves. With the advent of MP3 players, people want to convert their MiniDiscs audio to play on their MP3 players, and with a few software programs this is possible.

Insert the black and white RCA jacks into the line-out sockets on the back of your stereo. Plug the mini-jack end into the line-in on the back of your computer, or the headphone socket if you're using a laptop.

Set up your music recording software to record a new track. The method of setting up a new track differs from program to program.

Ensure that the "Line-In" option is selected on your music recording program. Insert the MiniDisc that you want to convert into your MiniDisc player. Press "Play" on your MiniDisc player and adjust the volume so that the recording level gauge on your music recording software does not, at any point, exceed the maximum level.

Click "Record" on your music recording software once you have set the levels. Press "Play" on your MiniDisc player. Save the recorded MiniDisc audio to your computer's desktop.

Import your saved MiniDisc file into your disc-burning program. Go to "File" then "New Playlist" and type a name for your playlist. Drag and drop your MiniDisc audio file into the playlist file.

Select your new playlist file. Insert a blank CD-R into your computer's disc drive and press "Burn" at the bottom of the screen.


Make sure that the recording level does not exceed the maximum level, set by the red bar on the gauge, otherwise the quality of your recording will suffer.


Make sure you are aware of copyright laws when copying any media.

Things You'll Need

  • Stereo with MiniDisc player
  • Stereo RCA cable with mini-jack
  • Music recording software
  • CD-burning software
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