How to Fix the Left Mouse Button on an Acer Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Acer laptops contain mouse pads embedded into the computer's hardware below the keyboard. The computer's also feature a large left button to facilitate easy clicking. Because of the design, however, the left button is more prone to damage. Additionally, the crevices between the laptop's mouse buttons are large enough to let small crumbs or debris fall underneath the button. Keeping your laptop's surface free of debris and foreign substances will help keep the mouse buttons in working order and prevent future problems.

Brush off the top of the keyboard and the spaces between the laptop's buttons. Use an air duster to blow any embedded debris from underneath the button. Push the laptop mouse pad buttons to determine if trapped debris is the cause of the problem.

Download new mouse pad drivers for the Acer laptop. Visit the Acer laptop support site. Choose "Download Drivers."

Choose the "Touchpad Drivers" from the pop-up menu. Enter the computer's model number. Download any new drivers that are available for the computer. Restart the laptop and test the left mouse button to determine if it is operational.

Call customer service if the laptop's left button is not working after your repair attempts. Inquire about the computer's warranty to determine if repairs are covered. Take the laptop to a certified repair specialist if your repair costs are not covered under the warranty.


Do not attempt to disassemble the Acer laptop yourself. Even a small amount of static electricity transmitted to the computer through your body can cause the motherboard to short out, leaving the laptop useless.

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