How to get rid of a smell in my dryer

Maintaining a clean home that smells fresh involves taking care of your laundry as well as the rest of the housework. When your dryer is emitting a bad smell, possibly from moist clothing, it's easy to remedy the issue. Knowing how to get rid of the smell from your dryer allows you to keep your clothes and the rest of your home from smelling bad as well.

Add the white vinegar to the spray bottle and fill to the top with tap water. Shake it to disperse the water through the vinegar.

Open your dryer and lightly mist the vinegar and water solution into it.

Remove the lint trap from the dryer and clean off any lint or debris. Spray it lightly with the vinegar water and reinsert it.

Throw the dryer sheets into the dryer. Use either scented or unscented. Scented will deodorise the dryer.

Run the dryer with nothing but the two dryer sheets in it for 25 minutes. Remove the dryer sheets and dispose of them. This will freshen the dryer and remove foul odour.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic spray bottle (567gr.)
  • 147ml. white vinegar
  • 2 dryer sheets
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