How to Reset the Oil Service on a Mini

Updated February 21, 2017

The Mini Cooper or "Mini," made by BMW, comes standard with a Service Interval Display or SID. This keeps track of when the next oil change is needed. It can be found near the odometer on the instrument panel. You should have the oil changed first before you attempt to manually reset the light or else it will keep turning back on. It's an easy fix requiring no special tools and just a few minutes of time.

Put the key into the ignition. Locate the trip odometer button and press and hold it in. At the same time, turn the key in the ignition to the "I" position. Look for the message "51A" just left of the mileage on the instrument panel.

Release the button and wait for three seconds. Press and hold the trip button again and wait about five seconds. Look for the message "RST" next to the mileage counter. Once you see this message, release the trip button.

Press in the trip button again and wait for the message "15000" to show up. Once you see this message, release the button and turn off the vehicle. The oil light should now turn off.

Turn off the vehicle and wait one minute. Turn on the engine and verify on the instrument panel that the check oil light has remained off.


The SID keeps track of driving conditions when figuring out when you need to change your oil. So the mileage may vary between servicing. To keep your Mini under warranty, be sure to keep track of the oil changes in a service booklet. If you rarely drive your Mini, you will still need to change your oil at least every two years because the oil breaks down over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Ignition key
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