How to Fix a Sony Vaio After Spilling Liquid

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Fix a Sony Vaio After Spilling Liquid
Keep liquids away from your Sony laptop computer. (water splash - bottle and water in a moment image by Stasys Eidiejus from

The Sony Vaio line of laptop computers runs the Windows operating system and has many of the same features as any Windows-based laptop computer. Water and other liquids should be kept away from your laptop because accidental spills can easily happen. Repairing a water-damaged keyboard or other system components can lead to downtime and can be costly. If you do spill liquid on your Sony laptop, you must act quickly to prevent damage to your computer.

Turn off the computer system as soon as possible after a liquid spill has occurred. Disconnect all power cords, cables, and peripheral devices from the laptop.

Remove the battery from your computer to ensure that no power can flow to the system.

Use a dry cloth to mop up any excess liquid on the table or desk under and near the laptop. Wipe off any liquid that is visible on the laptop keyboard or case.

Place a fan near the Sony Vaio laptop and turn it on. This promote air circulation around the laptop and will help speed up the drying process. Let the fan run overnight. Make sure you give the laptop ample time to dry out before powering up the system.

Insert the battery into the laptop, then turn on the computer. Your Sony Vaio should operate as it did before the spilling incident.

Things you need

  • Fan

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