How Can I Check My Premium Bonds for Wins?

Premium bonds are an investment product managed by National Savings and Investment, a financial service operated by the government of the United Kingdom. Instituted in 1956, premium bonds are an investment that instead of paying interest enters the investor in prize draws each month offering tax-free prizes of up to £1 million. Investors receive a bond number for each £1 invested, and each number has a chance of winning a prize. Winners should be notified, but checking is easy to do online.

Go to the National Savings and Investments premium bonds website which has a page for checking wins. See the first reference for a link to the site.

Enter your holder's number in the space provided. This will be a nine-, 10- or 11- digit number listed on all of your premium bonds. While each £1 bond has its own number, the holder's number enables you to check for winnings on all of your bond holdings.

Click on "Go." The prize checker will show any prizes you have won in the past six premium bonds draws. It will also show if you have any unclaimed prizes from draws which were conducted before then.


You may also be able to find out any winnings by writing to the National Savings and Investments head office. The address is: National Savings and Investments Glasgow, G58 1SB United Kingdom There are approximately 500,000 unclaimed prizes totalling around £30 million, so it is definitely worth checking.

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