How to Make a Pastel Background in Photoshop

Updated March 24, 2017

Creating your own pastel background in Photoshop is incredibly easy and only requires a few of the tools that the software offers you. The process can be completed in any version of the software and once done you can then use your image as a desktop background in your operating system of choice, or as a background to layer other images on top of.

Double click on your Photoshop icon to launch the program. It will either be on your desktop or on the Start menu depending on the preferences you selected when you installed the software.

Click on the "File" menu situated on the top left hand corner of the menu bar and select the "New" ("Control + N" shortcut key) option.

Click on the "Preset" tab that will be on the window that pops up and select one of the available options to set the size of your new document. If you wish you can also leave the preset option on "Default Photoshop Size" and manually adjust the width, height and resolution by typing your own values into the corresponding input boxes that are present on the pop up window.

Select "RGB" from the colour mode box that is present on the pop-up window. This will ensure that your document will have the correct colour settings to properly display your pastel background.

Click "OK" once you are satisfied with the settings on the pop-up window. You will be presented with a blank canvas upon which you will be able to create your pastel background.

Click on the "Paint bucket" icon that is situated on the tools bar. This tool will allow you to fill the entire canvas with the colour of your choice.

Click on the colour window to select a foreground pastel colour of your choice. The colour window is a dockable tool window which means you can move it around and place it anywhere you prefer. If you do not see the colour window anywhere inside your Photoshop screen space simply press the "F6" shortcut key to display it.

Double click on the foreground colour you have chosen on the colour window to bring up the colour picker. Here the full spectrum of your chosen colour will be displayed and using your cursor you will be able to select the correct shade of pastel you prefer. The pastel range of your chosen colour will be towards the top left (lighter spectrum) of the colour picker. Once you have found a colour you are pleased with click on the "OK" button to close the colour picker menu and return to the main Photoshop screen.

Click anywhere on your canvas to fill it with the colour you have selected.

Click on the "File" menu and select "Save" to save your pastel background if you are happy with it. Simply type in a name for your document in the "File Name" input box and on the "Format" options just underneath the name input box select the "JPEG" option. This will make sure that your pastel background is saved in a suitable format for it to be used as a background image in your operating system.

Select a folder where you want to save your document to. By default Photoshop will display your "My Documents" folder (if you are using the Mircosoft Windows operating system) but you can save your document wherever you wish.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Photoshop
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