How to Reset a Sony Projector

Updated July 19, 2017

The lamps in Sony video projectors don't last forever and need to be replaced periodically. Projectors use timers to record how many hours of use a projector lamp has logged, and the units will not work once a certain number of hours have been logged. But replacing the lamp isn't the whole process, since most projectors will not detect when you install a fresh lamp. You must manually reset the Sony projector's internal lamp timer.

Turn on your Sony projector after replacing the lamp.

Press the "Menu" button, go to the "Lamp Setting" option and select "Lamp Timer Reset." The projector should display a confirmation window asking, "Has the Projection Lamp Been Replaced?"

Select "Yes." You will receive a message onscreen saying, "Lamp Timer Reset Complete!" Select "Yes" again, and press the "Enter" button to finish.


Forgetting to reset your lamp timer may result in your projector shutting itself off after a few minutes of use.

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