How to Program a Sky Remote for a Crown TV

Updated April 17, 2017

The United Kingdom based Sky company provides high-definition television and high-speed Internet to users countrywide. Sky provides its users with a digital television box that can be connected to almost any television that you may have in your home. The Sky receiver also has a universal remote control that technicians who set up service programmed to work with the box. This remote can also be programmed to operate your Crown TV. This will allow you to not only control the guide functions of the box, but also allow you to control the volume and other settings on your Crown TV.

Power on your Crown TV and your Sky set-top box. Turn off any other electronics that might cause interference while you program the Sky remote. Press the TV button on your remote.

Press and hold both the select and the red button located in the centre of the remote until the power light on the Sky remote flashes two times. This should occur after two seconds.

Press the TV input button again and then enter the code 0225 on the keypad near the bottom of the remote control. If entered correctly, the power light on the Sky remote will blink twice again.

Press the standby button on the Sky remote. If the code has worked, your Crown TV will turn itself off. If this happens, push the select button. If you can turn your TV on again, the programming is complete.

If your Crown TV does not turn off when you push the standby button, press the TV button followed by the standby button again. If your TV turns off, push the select button and you are finished. If not, continue to press the TV button and then the standby button until your Crown TV turns off.


If your remote does not fully control your Crown TV after programming it, for example the volume control does not work properly, start the process over entering in the same four digit code. This time, skip past the code that turns the TV off, and push the TV button then the standby button again. This will cycle to the next code. Repeat the process until you find a code that works.

Things You'll Need

  • Sky remote
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