How to Repair Nose Pads on Glasses

For those of us who wear eyeglasses on a daily basis, worn, loose or even missing nose pads can cause pain and discomfort. Nose pads mainly serve to provide comfort to your nose. They also help hold the eyeglasses in place. This can be important if you wear multifocal lenses, because they keep your eyeglasses aligned. Most eye care professionals will replace nose pads for you at a minimal cost, but you can easily do the task yourself.

Lay out a soft cloth on a hard work surface. This will protect your lenses from unwanted scratches and will also keep the tiny screws from bouncing off the surface and onto the floor.

Remove any unwanted or broken nose pads from the eyeglass frame. Be careful not to bend the frame in the process.

Match up your old nose pads to the new ones, making sure the screw holes line up and the size is as close as possible.

Slide the nose pad base into the bracket on the eyeglass frame. This is where your magnifying glass comes in handy. You may need to use a little pressure, but do not bend the frame. Make sure the screw holes line up. Insert one of the tiny screws and begin screwing the nose pad on. It is easy to strip these tiny screws. Tighten firmly, but do not over-tighten. Check the nose pad to be sure it is secure.

Clean your lenses with an approved lens cleaner.


If you are having difficulty matching up a new nose pad with the existing nose pad, a temporary self adhesive nose pad is available at most pharmacies and chemists. This nose pad comes with an adhesive backing that you peel and stick onto your frame until you can see your eyeglass professional.


Use caution so you do not bend your eyeglass frame. Never use superglue or other adhesives on your eyeglass frame. This will void any warranty on your eyeglasses and turn what could have been a simple repair into eyeglasses replacement.

Things You'll Need

  • Eyeglass repair kit (or) small jewellers flat head screwdriver
  • Tiny screws
  • Replacement nose pads (or) self adhesive nose pads
  • Magnifying glass
  • Soft cloth
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