How to freeze beer mugs

Drinking a beer in an ice-cold glass can prove to be rewarding on a hot summer day. While the frozen beer mug can inhibit the taste of the beer, it has become a popular way to drink beer. You do not need speciality barware to frost a beer glass because you can do it at home with your freezer. The beer mug needs proper preparation to ensure that you have an even frost on the glass.

Clean the glassware with mild dish soap and warm water. Remove all traces of dirt and soap from the beer mug and then allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Run the beer mug under cold water. You will need to cover both the inside and outside of the beer mug with water and then pour off any excess water. Do not wipe the glass down because the water will create the frost.

Place the beer mug in the freezer. Place it right side up and do not allow anything in the freezer to touch the beer mug. Allow the air to circulate around the beer mug for an hour. Once the frost accumulates, remove the beer mug and pour in your beer immediately.


Clear out a space in your freezer specifically for the beer mugs. This will prevent them from becoming bumped and broken.


If you notice a weird taste or smell on your beer mug, you may need to deodorise your freezer. The water will attract the smells in your freezer, which can affect the taste of the beer. Stouts and darker beer need to be served at warmer temperatures. The cold beer mug can alter the taste of these beers.

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