How to Login to WebWatcher

Updated March 23, 2017

WebWatcher, by Awareness Technologies, is a remote computer monitoring software program that can track sent and received e-mails, record instant messaging program activities, record users' keystrokes and take automatic screenshots of the computer being monitored. When you purchase WebWatcher and install it on the computer you want to monitor, the recorded data gets transferred automatically to your online WebWatcher account. You can log in from any computer that has Internet access to view recorded data and even block computer programs and websites.

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or another Internet browser on any computer from which you want to view WebWatcher's recorded data.

Type "" into the browser's address bar. Press "Enter."

Type the full e-mail address or user name and password you created when you set up your WebWatcher account in the "Username" and "Password" fields.

Click the "I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions" check box. Click "Submit" to log into your WebWatcher account.


To log in, you can also click your personal WebWatcher Data website link in the confirmation e-mail you received when setting up your account. Click "Buy Now" on the WebWatcher home page if you want to purchase the software and set up your account. Click "Click Here" next to the "Trouble logging in" or "Forgot your username and/or password" options if you experience difficulty logging in or cannot remember your password. Click "Live Chat" under the "Help" section after you log into your WebWatcher account to get help from support personnel.

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