My JVC XV-N212 DVD Player Won't Eject a Disc

Updated February 21, 2017

The JVC XV-N212 DVD Player has many features including a disc tray lock function that locks a disc within the DVD player disc tray to prevent accidental ejection. When you press the "Eject" button on your remote or the player's front control panel to eject a disc, "LOCK" will appear on your TV screen if the function is on. Turning the disc tray lock function off requires that you push certain buttons on the control panel or disrupt power long enough to the XV-N212 for the player to return to its default settings.

Press the "STANDBY/ON" button on the front panel of your JVC XV-N212 DVD Player or the remote to place in "Standby" mode if it isn't already.

Push the "Eject" and "Stop" buttons at the same time on your JVC XV-N212 front control panel while the DVD player is plugged into an electrical socket in "Standby" mode to turn off the "Tray Lock" function and eject the disc.

Pull the DVD player's electrical plug from the socket if pushing the two buttons at the same time doesn't eject the disc. Wait 60 seconds. Plug the DVD player in and try the "Eject" button or Step 2 again.

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