How to write thank you cards for a baby gift

A personalised thank you card for a baby gift expresses your appreciation. Whether you received a gift from a friend at a baby shower or a long-distance family member, acknowledge their thoughtfulness with a thank you card. Send the card as soon as you receive the gift--and no later than a week after receipt of the gift. Thank you cards let long-distance gift-givers know their packages arrived safely.

Write a friendly greeting and the gift-givers' names, such as "Dear Lizzie and Mark."

Express your gratitude and identify the gift in the first sentence. If you received an item for your baby's nursery, state "Thank you for the beautiful embroidered baby blanket."

Tell your recipient what you plan to do with the gift. You can write, "I know our baby will love the swing. So will I, as it will give me a break from carrying her all day,"

Express any other sentiments you want to share. Thank the gift-giver for coming to your shower. Tell the long-distance relative that you look forward to introducing your baby to him. Explain to the baby shower host how much you enjoyed the event.

Conclude your card with another note of appreciation. Summarise by saying something like, "Thanks again for your thoughtful gift."

Sign the card with a personal signature like "Love" or "With appreciation." Then, sign your name. You can also include your husband's name and your baby's name, if you have chosen one. For example, you can say, "Love, Kim, Scott and Kayla."


Do not include a general, impersonal note of gratitude. Discuss the specific gift you received and how you will use it. A personalised thank you card reaffirms your happiness with and appreciation for the gift, confirming to the gift-giver that she made the right purchase.

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