How to Glue a Loose Dentured Tooth

Updated April 17, 2017

There is never a good time for dentures or partial plates to crack or loosen. When a tooth from your dentures breaks or loosens, you can fix it temporarily. After fixing your dentures on your own, see your dentist immediately to have them permanently fixed. The fix should tide you over until you can see your dentist.

Do not use commercial super glues on your dentures. The glue will eat away at the material, and you will be left with very little to repair. If this happens in your mouth, you may end up in the emergency room, because the materials in these glues can be toxic or cause a severe allergic reaction.

Find the tooth that needs to be replaced, and apply the enclosed adhesive with the dropper.

Place the tooth that is closest in shape to the tooth that needs to be replaced into the glued area. Once the tooth is in place apply the resin on the tooth. Allow the resin to dry.

Use the enclosed sandpaper to file the tooth down to fit the shape of the denture. Rinse the denture thoroughly.

Use the type of repair kit that has only a dental adhesive for a loose or cracked tooth. It is safe and nontoxic. Take the "pen" that has the adhesive in it and run it along the edges that are loose or cracked. Allow the adhesive to dry for about 2 hours. Rinse the dentures well and insert them as usual.


Keep an emergency denture repair kit in you home. Keep another in your office and a third either in your car or in your purse.

Things You'll Need

  • Denture repair full kit
  • Denture repair kit for loose or cracked teeth
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