How do I write comments on PE report cards?

Updated July 20, 2017

The comment portion of a report card is often the most tedious and time consuming part of reporting for teachers. It can be difficult to recall each student's specific strengths and weaknesses as well as areas for improvement. Physical education is particularly challenging as there are so many overlapping objectives to be met. These comments, however, are a significant part of the report as they provide helpful feedback for parents. For these reasons, it is important for teachers to have an organised strategy for creating and assigning comments on report cards.

Consult the standards outlined by the state's Board or Department of Education for the specific physical education course. Most schools keep the standards, also called objectives, for each subject and grade level on site. If this is not available at the school, the standards for each subject and grade level will be posted on website for the Board of Education.

Review all sections pertaining to standards, assessment and objectives, keeping in mind the topics covered in the current term or semester. Identify and highlight the most relevant standards and achievement indicators that match the curriculum taught for the reporting period.

Make a list of categories according to topics, units or chapters covered in class such as soccer, personal fitness or dance. Incorporate the highlighted standards from the previous step into the appropriate category. Some standards may be included under more than one topic. For example, standards related to teamwork might be required objectives in both dance and soccer.

Gather attendance sheets and participation records kept throughout the term. Attendance, participation and preparedness are important for success in physical education class and are worthy of comments as well.

Write a list of all possible comments related to the term's work. Use the categoried list of standards from Step 3 and other records from Step 4 to create specific and/or general comments. For example, if the Board of Education's standard is "Perform increasing numbers of triceps push-ups" in the category of muscular strength, a general comment might be "Student is increasing muscular strength." A related specific comment might be "Student is able to perform increasing numbers of triceps push-ups."

Consider the degree to which a student is able to meet a standard. Use words like partially, satisfactorily and completely to create more comments about a given topic. In this way, there may be three or four comments to choose from indicating varying degrees of success for a given standard or objective.

Code the list of comments, assigning a number to each. If report cards are completed using a computer program, check if there are coding rules about the number of digits to be assigned and which numbers have already been used; then enter the codes and corresponding comments. Alternatively, when computer programs are not available, the coded list could be attached to report cards eliminating the need to write or type each comment on each report card. Include codes in the comment space and refer to the list of comments.

Things You'll Need

  • Standards for Physical Education
  • Attendance sheets
  • Records of participation
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