How do I install tin corrugated roofing?

Updated April 17, 2017

Tin corrugated metal roof panels can solve almost any roofing needs. As long as your roof doesn't have a hole in it, you can place these tin panels over the existing shingles, eliminating the need to clear the roof down to the boards. Tin corrugated roofing material lasts a long time and resists the weather better than other roof coverings. Once used only as a roof covering for sheds and garages, tin corrugated panels are being used more widely by homeowners today.

Measure your roof to determine how many sheets of corrugated tin you need. Divide your roof's measurement by the tin panel size. Each section of corrugated metal has a 2-inch overlap on all sides. Therefore, a 38-inch-wide piece will cover 36 inches. If you have any doubts, give your measurements to the salesperson and he will make sure you purchase enough.

Place one sheet of corrugated metal at one corner of your roof, beginning at the bottom section. Allow 2 inches of the corrugated tin to overhang the roof edge. Drill a hole in the dipped part of the metal sheet at the corner. Do not put a screw into the raised portion of the tin. Hammer in a watertight screw to keep the metal in place.

Drill screw holes into the sheet metal approximately 6 inches apart. Secure each panel to the roof with about 20 screws. Do not put any screws into the side of the metal where you will be adding another row. You will secure it down with the next panel of tin.

Place the next sheet of tin so that the bottom edge lines up with the first panel and has 2-inch overhangs. Make sure that it overlaps the previous sheet of metal. Secure the two pieces of corrugated metal sheets together onto the roof. Continue for the first row across.

Secure the second panel just above the first row, overlapping the bottom section of the panel by 2 inches. Continue in this fashion until you reach the last row. If you don't need the full length of the corrugated metal panels, cut them to the correct length with tin snips. Make sure the panels line up with the top along the peak line.

Install the ridge caps along the peak of your roof so they cover the ends of the metal sheets. Secure the ridge caps with watertight screws placed 6 inches apart.


Caulk along the seams of the corrugated panels to keep water from seeping in.


Wear gloves when working with metal. Use caution when working on the roof to keep from falling.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Watertight screws, 3 inches long, with rubber washer attached
  • Tin snips
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