How to change a sliding shower door

Updated April 17, 2017

Sliding shower doors are found in many stand-up showers. The glass on the doors comes frosted or clear, making the bathroom look bigger and adding decor and value to the home. Sliding shower doors use plastic rollers on the top and bottom of each door to glide back and forth. The plastic rollers align and run on a track on a frame base to enable the shower doors to open and close.

Step into the shower or tub and turn to face the sliding shower doors.

Grab the inside sliding shower door on each side with your hands. Lift up the sliding shower door to create room for the bottom of the shower door to rise above and off the lower inside track.

Push the top of the inside sliding shower door away from you. This will guide the bottom of the shower door away from the lower inside track.

Lower the inside sliding shower door out of the upper track and remove the door from the frame. Repeat this process to remove the outside sliding shower door.

Grab your new inside sliding shower door on both sides with your hands. Make sure the plastic rollers are on the inside, facing you, so they will align with the inside track.

Guide the upper plastic rollers of the inside sliding shower door into the inside track of the frame. Lift up the shower door keeping the upper rollers in the upper inside track. Push the bottom away from you and guide the lower rollers into the lower inside track on the frame.

Gently let down the inside sliding shower door onto the inside lower track. Slide the shower door to make sure the rollers are set in the track and easily glide back and forth. Repeat this process to install the outside sliding shower door. The rollers must be on the outside of the door, facing away from you, to align with the outside track.

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