How Do I Get Renault Wheel Nuts Off?

Remove the wheel nuts or lug nuts requires hubcap removal prior to beginning the process. The hubcaps are tricky to remove. The Renault is supplied with a factory spare tire kit located with the spare tire. Remove the hubcap with the flat headed tool that looks something like a flat headed screwdriver. Once the hubcap has been removed the process to loosen and remove the wheel nuts or lug nuts requires a lug wrench or a lug nut pliers.

Locate the wheel nuts or lug nuts. The wheel nuts are most generally located under the hub cap on the outside of the wheel. There are five nuts. The wheel nuts will be visible on those cars that do not have hub caps.

Place the lug wrench or lug nut pliers over the wheel nuts. Turn the tool to the left to loosen. Follow a star pattern when removing wheel nuts. The last nut to remove is the nut that is closest to top centre.

Remove the lug wrench or lug nut pliers once the wheel nuts are loose. Use your hand to continue removing the wheel nut by turning it to the left.

Things You'll Need

  • Renault
  • Renault spare tire kit
  • Lug wrench or lug nut pliers
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