How to remove your name from your ex's mortgage & deed for the home you owned together

Written by valencia higuera | 13/05/2017

Most married couples dream of buying a home together. Unfortunately, owning a home can present problems when going through a divorce. And if choosing to vacate the property, you may want to remove your name from the mortgage and deed. Making a phone call and asking to have your name taken off a mortgage doesn't is not sufficient. The person keeping the home will have to requalify for the home loan on his own.

Apply for a new mortgage loan. Refinancing is the only way to take an ex's name off a mortgage loan. Decide who'll keep the property and then have this person complete a mortgage refinance application in his name only.

Bring copies of tax returns. The person keeping the home must be in a position to afford the property on his own without the help of the ex spouse. Show lenders copies of your tax returns for the past two years or paycheck stubs.

Present a divorce decree. Proof of a divorce is necessary to remove a spouse from a mortgage loan and deed. Show this document to your mortgage lender.

Bring a quit claim deed to closing for your ex spouse to sign. By signing, your ex relinquishes her rights to the property, and her name can be legally removed from the mortgage title.

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