How to Reset the Lamp Hours on a Toshiba DLP

Updated March 23, 2017

Toshiba DLP televisions utilise a combination of lighting lamps and special mirrors to display images. Over time, the lighting lamps inside a DLP projection TV will fail in the same manner as traditional light bulbs. After replacing your Toshiba DLP television’s internal lighting lamps, you may wish to reset the lamp hour counter. That will enable you to keep track of the lamp’s lifespan and prepare for when you need to install replacements.

Unplug your television's power cord from the wall outlet.

Turn on your Toshiba DLP television’s main power switch.

Press and hold the “On/Standby,” “Input” and “Menu” buttons on your television or remote control at the same time.

Plug in your television's power cord into the wall outlet while pressing the same buttons mentioned in the step above. Release the buttons after your television powers up to complete the reset process.

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