How to Set a Proxy for Gmail

Updated March 23, 2017

If you want to be able to access your Gmail account without going directly through a Internet browser, then it is possible to configure a proxy to gain access. This can bypass issues such as restricted Internet access in the work lace, or other restrictions that prevent you getting your Gmail. Common proxies for Gmail include computer e-mail clients and mobile phones.

Open your Gmail account. Click on "Settings" in the top right-hand corner. Select the "Enable IMAP in Gmail" option. Click "Save Changes."

Open Outlook Express. Select the "Tools" menu and click on "Accounts". Click on "Add" and then stipulate "Mail". Enter your name in the "Display name" field and click next to continue. Enter your full e-mail address in the "Email Address" field and click "Next."

Configure your e-mail server. Select "IMAP" from the drop-down menu. Enter "" in the "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server" field and clock "Next." In the "Account Name" field enter your full e-mail address. Click "Finish". Highlight "" under "Account and click on "Properties." Click on the advanced tap and check the boxes indicating that the server requires a secure connection. Enter "465" in the "Outgoing Mail" box. The port under the "Incoming Mail (IMAP)" heading should read "993." In the "Servers" tab check the box indicating that it requires authentication and enter the username and password for the gmail account. Click "OK" to apply and test.

Enable IMAP in Gmail. Open your Gmail account, navigate to "Settings" and check the "Enable IMAP" in Gmail option. Save the changes.

Open Apple Mail. Click on the "Mail" menu and select "Preferences". Select the "Accounts" tab and click on the "+" to add a new account. In the "Account Type" drop down menu select "IMAP". Enter your name and Gmail address in the spaces provided and continue to the next page.

Configure the mail servers. Identify the incoming mail server as "" and enter your full e-mail address and password in the spaces provided. In the next window select the outgoing mail server as "" and check the "Use Authentication" box. Enter your e-mail address and password to finish configuring.

Enable IMAP in Gmail. Open your Gmail account, navigate to "Settings" and check the "Enable IMAP" in Gmail option. Save the changes.

Open the settings application on your device. Select the "Mail, Contacts & Calenders" menu.

Add an account. Tap "Add Account". Tap "Gmail". Enter your account e-mail address and password. Save the settings.


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