How to create a virtual model of my body measurements

Updated April 17, 2017

Virtual technology brings modern-day entertainment to life. While commonly associated with video games and movies, digital art can also serve as a motivational tool for weight loss or as an online shopping aid. By creating a virtual model of your body measurements and features, you can clearly see what changing your clothes or appearance might look like. Making a virtual model online takes just minutes and is usually free. If you're curious to see yourself in a new outfit or at a new weight, virtual models provide a fun way to visualise such changes.

Pay a visit to the My Virtual Model website to create a realistic 3D model featuring your height, weight, body type and other physical features. Your model can try on virtual clothing from various online retailers or you can use the My Virtual Model weight loss simulator to see your model at a larger or smaller weight. You must register with a valid e-mail address to use My Virtual Model, but registration is free.

See a real photo of yourself at a different weight with Weight Mirror. Weight Mirror takes virtual weight simulation to the next level by allowing users to make a motivational model from their own photo. To use the tool, simply logon to the Weight Mirror website, upload a full-body photo of yourself, enter your height and weight measurements and select the amount of weight you'd like to gain or lose. When finished, you'll see a virtual simulation of what you would look like at that particular weight.

Check out the virtual model games for teens, hosted by gURL, to create a 3D model with more youthful features and clothing. The games use My Virtual Model technology, so they work the same way as the original, but include options specifically for teens and young adults. gURL offers a variety of virtual model games for several different occasions including summer, back-to-school and prom. As with My Virtual Model, registration is required to create models with gURL.

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