How to Make an Ostrich Incubator

Updated February 21, 2017

Ostrich grow to be about 9 foot tall. They are raised for meat, feathers and leather. They are fast moving birds that lay large eggs. An ostrich egg is about 6 inches long by 5 inches wide and weighs about 1.13kg. When an ostrich egg is placed in an incubator, it takes about 40 days to hatch. Any type of incubator will work as long as the temperature is kept consistent. You can build a basic incubator with a few simple items that you may have at your home.

Purchase or find a plastic bin that is at least 20 inches tall. The length and width of the bin can be determined by how many eggs you are putting in the incubator. You need at least a 7-inch by 6-inch area for each egg.

Place the bin on a flat surface and remove the lid if it has one. You will not need to use the lid for the incubator, so you can find another use for it.

Fill the bottom of the bin with a 3-inch layer of hay. The hay will keep the egg padded, so it is less likely to be broken.

Screw the 100 watt light bulb into the clip-on light.

Clip the clip-on light onto one of the long sides of the plastic bin with the light over the hay. Make sure that the light is at least 16 inches above the hay. You do not want the hay to catch on fire.

Place incubator in a draft-free area and plug the light in. The eggs need to stay in an area that maintains a consistent heat or they will not hatch.

Place the thermometer in the centre of the box on top of the hay. It needs to stay at least 35 to 37.8 degrees Celsius at all times in the incubator. If the incubator is too cool, put a bulb with higher wattage into the clip-on light. If it is too hot, put a bulb with a lower wattage into the clip-on light.


When you place the eggs in the incubator, you will need to turn them about 20 times a day. You need to make sure the whole egg stays warm at all times. Check the temperature in the incubator often and make sure the heat stays consistent.

Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic bin at least 20 inches high
  • Clip-on light
  • 100 watt bulb
  • Hay
  • Thermometer
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