How to Help Save Endangered Animals

Updated July 19, 2017

Many species are endangered today because of things like destruction of habitats, introduction of exotic species and overexploitation. You can help save endangered animals by learning why they are endangered and volunteering your time or money to local or federal organisations that help endangered species. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund have already brought many animals back from the edge of extinction. You can provide your own conservation efforts to help save the endangered species.

Learn which animals are endangered. The list of endangered animals is very long, so it might be easiest to start by learning about the endangered animals in the area around where you live. Learning as much as you can about endangered animals and their habitats enables you to best determine what you can do to help.

Volunteer your time or donate money at local habitats. This will help you learn more about the endangered animals and give you the opportunity to take steps in preserving their habitat.

Be environmentally aware. Purchase products that donate a portion of proceeds to help save endangered animals and their habitats. Find out which large companies make donations to organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and purchase their products. Avoid using products that use endangered animals or destroy their habitats.

Plant native plants in your yard and garden. Native plants are more likely to attract native animals such as birds, butterflies, insects and possibly some endangered species.

Join a local or national endangered animal conservation organisation like the World Wildlife Fund or World Animal Foundation. By donating to these organisations, you are contributing to a larger effort to preserve the habitats and species that are on the edge of extinction.

Raise awareness. Place banners on your social networking sites or blog pages to make visitors aware of your interest in saving endangered species. Provide information on what others can do to contribute toward the cause and educate them about endangered species by writing articles for your local newspaper or newsletters for your community.


Make this task less overwhelming by selecting just one or two endangered species to focus on. Build a butterfly habitat in your backyard to help provide a home for native and possibly endangered species.

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