How to Make Raffle Tickets in Word

Written by amy dombrower | 13/05/2017
How to Make Raffle Tickets in Word
Create your own raffle tickets in Microsoft Word. (red ticket image by Rick Sargeant from

Raffles are a great way to raise money for a cause while giving participants the chance to win prizes. To run a raffle, you have each participant pay a small fee which serves as a donation to purchase a raffle ticket. They can purchase as many as they like, and the more they buy, the better chance they have at winning a prize. You can make your own customised raffle tickets using Microsoft Word by starting with a pre-designed template.

Open Microsoft Word.

Click the "File" tab (Word 2010) or the "Microsoft Office Button" (Word 2007). Click "New."

Type "Raffle Ticket" in the search bar to search for all available templates from Microsoft Office Online. Press "Enter" to load the raffle ticket templates.

Browse through the templates and choose one that suits your needs. For example, select "Raffle Tickets (6 per Page)" for a nice-looking, customisable raffle ticket. Click "Download" to open the template in a new document.

Customise the raffle tickets with your own information. Click the text to select it, then type to change it. Change the prize information, name of your organisation, event, date and donation amount. Copy and paste the text to replicate it onto each raffle ticket in the document.

Change the raffle ticket number on each ticket before printing the next sheet. If you prefer to print all the tickets you need at once, select each raffle ticket and copy them onto a new page in the document. Continue adding more raffle tickets until you have the number of tickets you need.

Connect your printer, filled with paper, to your computer. Click the "File" tab or "Microsoft Office Button" and "Print." Select your installed printer and click "OK" to print.

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