How to Reset an HP Laptop by Holding Down the Power Button With the Battery Out

Updated February 21, 2017

Hewlett-Packard laptops use rechargeable laptop batteries to provide power to the laptop while not plugged into an electric power source. Rechargeable laptop batteries lose efficiency over time and the amount of time they can power a laptop for may slowly diminish. Certain models of laptop batteries feature a reset button on the battery. When the button is pressed, it restores factory settings to the battery, which may help restore efficiency to the battery. Additionally, if the battery won't charge, it is recommended you attempt to reset the battery to see if that will solve the problem.

Drain the Hewlett-Packard laptop battery. Power on the laptop. Remove the power adaptor. Allow the laptop to run until the battery dies and the laptop shuts down. Turn the laptop off.

Remove the laptop battery. Locate the battery locking mechanism on the bottom of a Hewlett-Packard laptop. Slide the mechanism to the side and while holding that to the side, slide the battery outward for removal. Release the battery locking mechanism.

Locate the reset button on a Hewlett-Packard battery. It is located on the underside of the battery and appears as a small hole, with the button located inside. It will say "RESET" above it. Not all Hewlett-Packard batteries have a reset button. If you are unsure if your model has one, or where it's located, refer to the user manual for your specific model.

Place the point of a pen or a straightened out paper clip in the hole. Press the button downward for 10 seconds. Release the button. The battery is now reset.

Align the battery contacts on the battery with the contacts on the battery bay. Once aligned, press the battery firmly into the battery bay.

Plug the power adaptor into the Hewlett-Packard laptop. Allow the battery to fully charge for eight hours before use. Once fully charged, the battery is ready for use.

Things You'll Need

  • Power adaptor
  • Pen or straightened paper clip
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