How to Make a Wood Vine Trellis

Updated November 21, 2016

Wood trellises are a quick and affordable way to dress up a garden and provide a functional place for climbing plants to grow. An even better option than purchasing a trellis is to make one at home. With a handful of simple building supplies, you can soon have trellises tucked into every corner of your garden in no time, and as you become more proficient at planning designs, you will be able to expand from this basic layout.

Determine the desired size of your trellis, as well as the thickness of the lumber you will use. For most trellises under five feet tall and wide, simple 2x4s will work just fine for the support posts, and one inch by one half inch slats can be used for the lattice.

Cut the 2x4s to the desired height, or have them cut for you at the hardware store. Add one foot to the height to allow for sinking the supports into the ground.

Lay the support posts parallel to each other on the work surface, and measure up one foot from the bottom of each. Make a small mark here to indicate the part of the lattice which will be even with the ground.

Arrange the narrow slats across the two support posts at a 45 degree angle, working only in one direction, and glue them in place with wood glue as you go.

Continue with more slats, this time going in the opposite direction to create the lattice effect. Glue the second set of slats to both the support posts and the first set of slats.

Permanently secure the trellis together by going over all of the glued joints with a nail gun or a hammer and finishing nails.

Allow the trellis to dry for 24 hours.

Use a hand saw to saw the protruding edges of the lattice slats off of the outside of the support beams. You can optionally stain or paint the trellis at this point, before adding it to the garden.


The portion of the post which is sunk into the ground should be treated with at least one coat of a commercial wood preservative to prevent the footing from rotting away over time.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 2-x4-inch posts
  • Narrow wood slats or 1/2- x1-inch lumber
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Hand saw
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