How to install spotlights

Updated July 20, 2017

Using spotlights is a creative way to display the outside of your home. There are ways to shine lights at your home's front door and outside walls that can focus on your architecture or garden at night. Solar spotlights or electric spotlights can also be a useful security feature as well as prevent injury from falls when walking to and from your front door or in your driveway.

Purchase a solar spotlight kit. Read the instructions thoroughly.

Place the top of the spotlight onto the small bottom stick that will go into the ground. Turn the top on the notches and twist to lock the light on the stand.

Pull the tab out that will activate the solar light.

Put the spotlight in the ground pointing in the direction you'd like to light. Assemble more and add where you wish along the outside of your home.

Locate your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet on the outside of your house. If you don't have one, call an electrician an have one installed. Per Lowe's website, outdoor outlets provide more shock protection where there can be water.

Assemble the low-wattage spotlights by placing the lights onto the posts according to the kit's directions. Each kit could assemble a little differently.

Position the spotlights in the ground, aiming them in the direction you'd like to accentuate.

Lay out the lighting cable in the kit along the walkway next to the lights. Connect the spotlights to the cable with the connector caps in the kit. You will need to read the specific instructions for your type of kit.

Dig a small 3-inch-deep trench with a shovel along the walkway of your home, and diagonal shorter trenches that lead directly to the spotlights. Push the cable down into the trenches. Stand the spotlights up and push them into the ground. Connect the cord to the power pack per the kit instructions. The power pack will be made to hang on your home next to the outside outlet. Plug it into the outlet to make sure the spotlights are all working. Fill in the tiny trenches to cover all the cables. Your kit will have its own instructions for how to set up the timer on the spotlights.

Things You'll Need

  • Solar spotlight kit
  • Low-voltage spotlight kit
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