How to Remove a Bridge Pin From Acoustic Guitars

Updated February 21, 2017

Bridge pins are the small pieces at the base of an acoustic guitar bridge that keep the strings in place. Without them, guitar strings couldn't hold a set tension or stay in tune. When you change acoustic guitar strings, you must first remove the bridge pins. This is a quick and simple job regardless of the style of pins. As long as you know the right technique, you can remove bridge pins without damaging the guitar.

Determine which bridge pins you need to remove. Follow the strings down to the tuning knobs and loosen the ones that correspond with the chosen bridge pins. The strings should be slightly slack to facilitate the removal process.

Grab a pin with your thumb and forefinger. Pull firmly to remove the pin. Repeat for any additional bridge pins you want to remove.

Pull the pins out with a set of pliers if you cannot do it with your fingers. Since guitars are generally made of wood, they may swell slightly, which can cause the pins to stick.

Reverse the process when you reinstall the bridge pins.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
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