How to construct a rag rug loom

Updated February 21, 2017

While many rag rug artists use heavy floor looms for their work, especially those who create custom rugs as a business, it is possible to make a workable loom from inexpensive materials. A few basic tools and beginner's skill in woodworking would be enough to make a loom that will enable you to create attractive and functional rag rugs for your own home use, or for sale at craft fairs. One advantage of a small handmade loom is the ease of storage. Sizes are optional. Create a small beginner's loom, then build a size that suits your needs when you become more experienced.

Measure and cut the 1-by-2-inch board into two 48-inch lengths and two 24-inch lengths. Sand any rough edges.

Drill 1/4-inch holes through the ends of all four pieces, about 2 inches from the end of each board. Marking off 1-inch segments across the short pieces of board, drill holes evenly all the way across. Both short boards should match.

Cut the dowels into 4-inch lengths. Insert each dowel into the holes on the two boards, except for the final holes. Add a drop of carpenter's glue to the end of each dowel for greater security. You should have a total of 38 dowels.

Place the four pieces of board in a rectangle, aligning the holes in the ends, shorter boards on top of the longer pieces. There should be a bit over overlap with the end of the boards sticking out beyond the intersection. Place the bolts through the aligned holes and fasten on the washers and nuts.

Wait for the glue to dry, check the tightness of the bolts in the corners, and you are ready to warp your loom.


Drill the long boards and insert dowels along the sides, for greater versatility in your loom. Use 4-inch nails instead of dowels.

Things You'll Need

  • 12 feet of 1-by-2-inch board
  • Measuring tape
  • Hand saw or electric skill saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Hand or electric drill
  • Wooden dowels or nails
  • Carpenter's glue (optional)
  • 4 bolts, 3 inches long, with matching wing-nuts and washers
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